You Can Create a Life You Don’t Want to Escape

My biggest fear when I quit drinking was not having any idea who I was and feeling like I might never know. But, when I stopped drowning myself and hiding behind my secret life, the cloud lifted and I found the clarity and freedom that helped me step into my power, realize my worth, and begin living a joyful, intentional, healthy, purposeful life. The same can happen for you. I can help.

  • Are you wondering if your drinking might be unhealthy?
  • Do you negotiate with yourself to justify your alcohol consumption?
  • Are you tired of suffering?
  • Do you find yourself counting the minutes until “wine o’clock” each day?
  • Are you worried someone will notice how much you’re drinking?
  • Do you feel guilt, shame, or anxiety about your drinking?
  • Are you considering a life without alcohol?
  • Do you experience memory lapses or confusion?
  • Have you stopped drinking but are unsure how to navigate your future?
  • Are you living the life you always imagined?